BerlinCode Software Solutions.

Please contact us for details.

Some of our publicly accessible web services: - Digital Option Markets

User Driven Digital Option Markets based on Ethereum smart contracts. - Run code in your browser

Write python gists in your browser and share the results with others. Fast, easy and simple. - Access .eth domains from your browser

ENS (ethereum name system) name resolver that redirects you to an IPFS gateway. Works in every browser. - Robot detection

Automated detection and blocking of fraudulent robots. - Encrypted blogs

Encrypted and anonymous blog platform for small groups. No registration or email required. - Signing authority

Signing authority that signs facts in the future. - Python examples platform

Python support platform using features. - S3 based photo slideshows

Simple S3 based photo slideshows. - Instant Email Notification based on Http-Referrer

Get notified if there is a new link to your site. A simple, free service for small to medium sized sites.

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